5th & 6th grade is an important step toward Confirmation readiness. Throughout the school-year, students journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30am and Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm. Students develop a biblical foundation enabling them to better understand the Bible and their Christian faith.

Along with the weekly classes, students are encouraged to attend worship services and participate in service projects within our church and community.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Lynette if you have any questions about CLUB 56  

email or 936-273-2030

  • Sunday mornings - 9:30am

    Bible study discussions and how to apply this to everyday life.

    We are apart of something bigger than ourselves = We are the Body of Christ

  • Wednesday Evenings

    We gather at 5:30 for games. Some of our students are in choir at this time. 6:15 - 7:00 we have dinner and Bible topic discussion. Bring your homework--as there are weeks we work on it together. We are you church family and this time together is priceless.

  • Spring Break Devo day - register

    Each year we have a day where we walk the Station of the Cross. We have lunch out and then end our day at Main Event. This is a meaningful and fun day! Meet at the Church at 9:30 am and we will return to Church at 3:30 pm

    $30 covers the cost of lunch and main event activities

    Parents are welcomed and drivers are needed.

  • The bridge

    An all day retreat for all 5th & 6th graders. This is a Jam packed day of Fun, Fellowship and Devotion! Outdoor games and activities,  Devo time, lunch, dinner with a campfire and smores! Led by Club 56 leaders as well as Student Ministry leaders. 

    For more information and registration click here

    Bridge Retreat Video

  • The Christmas story

    Each year the 5th & 6th graders have the honor of telling the greatest story of all. This is a church  wide event held the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We practice during the 11am service for 4 weeks beginning in Oct.

    The Christmas Story 2016

  • 6th Grade confirmation - Coming in march


    a rite of passage for students to own their faith in Jesus Christ for themselves and to proclaim this faith to their church family. We hold 6 weeks of classes where students are confronted with the Gospel, challenged in who THEY say Jesus is, and learn about Christ's intention for the Body of Christ. The emphasis of these classes is what students choose to do AFTER Confirmation Sunday is over . . . just as Jesus called the disciples and they followed (still having questions, failing miserably at times, but following nonetheless), we are called to follow Jesus on this life-long journey . . . even if we still have questions, even if we fail. These students will be confronted with who THEY say Jesus is and if they want to follow Him and claim the name Christian and walk with the Christian community.  Click for more information

  • T.E.C.H. Team

    5th and 6th grade students who want to help with the younger students during power hour and special events. 


    To be apart of the T.E.C.H team we require the child and parent to understand the Commitment, Service and expectations. Giving back teaches leadership skills and builds self esteem. The student and parent must sign a commitment form. To volunteer for Power Hour - click here

    click to download what is T.E.C.H. Team

    click to download guidelines/parent consent form

    Get on the schedule to help!

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